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We could think about what connect Gdynia and Katyn. It’s seems there is no connection. However, in Katyn were murder citizens of swiftly evolving Polish city, not excluding officer’s Navy crew . Answer is simple . Well, all of them were mobilized to defend their country and were unlucky, when get to soviet slavery .

Katyn Mother of God
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On 26 February 2000 precious exhibit was taken by president of Council of Polish Katyn Foundation, Jacek Trznadel. It was bas-relief made in wood, showing Mother of God, it was carved in Kozielsk camp by prisoner Henryk Gorzechowski (1902-1940). Bas-relief, known as Katyn Mother of God, took away from camp survivor son of author, Henryk Gorzechowski (1921-1989). However exhibit was handed by Henryk Gorzechowski – grandson of author.

Project and work: Andrzej Sternal & Daria Laskowska
Time of performance: marzec 2012