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Foto from display about Katyn
Aleksander Biedak

„All Saints 1980”

Cementary on Oporowo
A man has come
He has brought two planks
And crossed them.
"Murdered in Katyn"
He wrote with chalk,
Lit up a candle,
Wiped away a tear,
Knelt down...
He was kneeling down and whispering:
Dear Lord,
hear the voice of
our soldiers blood.
God, You know
God... and we know,
God... have mercy.
Have mercy on Poland
For their suffering,
give freedom
to my nation.
People would stop,
look around discreetly,
kneel down,
light up candles.
Candles burnt
Candles and hearts,
Candles, hearts, minds.

Project and work: Michał Andrzejczak & Jakub Kowalski
Time of performance: marzec 2012